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2-Week Drip Bag Supply



Perfect for daily indulgence; crafted with the finest beans to give you a rich and satisfying coffee experience every time.


All you need is hot water and a cup. Place drip bag over cup, pour 180ml - 200ml of hot water over and let it steep.


Available in the below blends: 

Blend Nō 01

Rich & Bold with notes of Dark Cacao, Oak-Roasted Almonds with a touch of Mandarin zest


Raffles Blend

Colonial-Style Cacao with a hint of Caramelized Mandarin


Gentle Conqueror

Victorious notes of Oak-Roasted Cacao & Dark Artisanal Chocolate



Roasted with sugar, Singapore Coffee's Signature Blend of Arabica & Robusta Coffee combines harmoniously for a smooth & flavourful Kopi


Signature Decaf

Caffein-free Coffee

2-Week Drip Bag Supply