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Satay (N) 27.0

Grilled Chicken or Spiced Marinated Lamb


Tangy Peanut Sauce (N) | SteamedRice Cake | Cucumber | Red Onion

Rice Congee (GF)(N) 15.0

(Select one)

Chicken | Fish | Pork (P)


Spring Onion | Crispy ShallotsFermented Bean | Braised Peanuts (N) | Shredded Ginger

Hainanese Chicken Rice (GF) 25.0

Poached Chicken | Ginger Rice |

Chicken Broth | Condiments

Hokkien Mee (P) 25.0

Braised Rice Noodles | Egg | Tiger Prawns | Squid | Bean Sprouts | Chives

Singapore Laksa (GF) 25.0

Rice Vermicelli | Tiger Prawns | Fish Cakes | Bean Curd | Bean Sprouts | Coconut Gravy

Wonton Noodles 22.0


Pork Dumplings or

Prawn Dumplings (+2.0)


Egg Noodles | Vegetables | Green Chilli Soy Sauce | Spring Onion

Nasi Goreng (GF)(N) 25.0

Fried Rice | Egg | Chicken

Tiger Prawns | Satay | Prawn Crackers

Mee Goreng 25.0

Wok-fried Yellow Noodles

Tiger Prawns | Chicken | Egg | Vegetables | Potato | Tomato | Chilli | Lime

Garlic Fried Rice 22.0

Egg | Spring Onion | Vegetables

(Select one)

Pork (P) | Chicken |

Shrimp (+2.0)


Green Chilli | Sambal Chilli  

Singapore Fried Noodles (GF) 25.0

Thin Rice Vermicelli | Cabbage | CarrotBean Sprouts | Egg


Sambal Chilli | Lime

Selection of

Barbeque Pork (P) | Chicken |

Shrimp (+2.0)

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Ice Cream
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Salads & Rice Bowls

Lobster Caesar Salad 49.0

Half Lobster | Romaine Lettuce | Bacon Bits (P) | Croutons | Egg | Classic Caesar Dressing

Niçoise Salad (GF) 36.0

Bell Pepper | Egg | Kalamata Olives | Kenya Bean Ratte Potato | Tomato Seared Yellowfin Tuna 

Tomato & Burratina (V) 33.0

Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Grissini | Tapenade

Salmon Bowl (GF) 39.0

Avocado | Bean Sprout | Goat Cheese Marinated Salmon | Rice | Vinegar

Burger & Sandwiches

(Accompanied with Green Salad & French Fries)

A. L. T. Wrap (V) 28.0

Avocado Hash | Chipotle Sauce | Lettuce | Tomato | Tortilla

Gourmet Ham & Cheese (P) 28.0 

Bone-in-Ham | Emmental Cheese

Raffles Club 32.0

Chicken | Tomato | Lettuce | Bacon (P)

Mayonnaise | White Bread

Croque Madame 32.0

Fried Egg | Mornay Sauce | Parmesan Cheese | Roasted Chicken Breast


Raffles Lobster Roll 42.0

Cucumber | Light Curry Mayonnaise

Lobster | Mizuna


Raffles Burger 42.0

Beef Patty | Lettuce | Onion | Tomato | Gherkin | Mayonnaise | Cheddar Cheese | Bacon (P) | Egg


Create Your Own Pasta! 38.0

(Select one from each category below)


Spaghetti | Pappardelle |

Paccheri | Gluten-free Penne


Arrabiatta | Bolognese | Carbonara |

Pesto & Pine Nut | Tuna & Olive


Emmental | Parmesan

Please ask your server for our Daily Selection of Tea Cakes

(+$5 per extra scoop of Ice Cream)

(A) Alcohol | (GF) Gluten Free | (N) Nuts

All our pastries contain wheat, eggs, dairy and traces of nuts

Tri-Colour Sundae 35.0

Triple Vanilla Bean, Matcha & Dark Chocolate Ice Cream drenched in warm Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Fudge Sauce, topped with freshly whipped cream, cacao nibs & freshly shaved dark chocolate… perfect for sharing or an indulgence for one!

Kopi Toffee Sundae 28.0

Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream drenched in Kopi Toffee & warm Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Fudge, topped with freshly whipped cream, cacao nibs & freshly shaved dark chocolate

Affogato Royale 25.0

Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream drenched in Gula Melaka Caramel, topped with freshly whipped cream and finished with 2 shots of freshly brewed Espresso 

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(GF) Gluten Free | (N) Nuts | (P) Pork | (V) Vegetarian

Caesar Salad 24.0

(add Chicken +6.0)

Romaine Lettuce | Bacon Bits (P) | Croutons | Egg | Classic Caesar Dressing

Tuna Tataki Bowl (GF) 33.0

Cherry Tomato | Nori | Radish | Rice | Sesame | Yellowfin Tuna Tataki

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Melted Chocolate 28.0

Melted Chocolate Cake topped with Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.
Served with a pouring of English Single Cream and a freshly brewed shot of espresso… A must try!

Espresso Melaka (A)(N) 18.0

Espresso Gula Melaka Walnut cake served warm with Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, drizzled with Single Cream, a freshly brewed shot of espresso and finished with shaved artisanal Chocolate 

Tiramisu Nō 01 (A) 18.0

Made with Singapore Coffee’s

Blend Nō 01...

A must try!

Chocolate Brownie
(GF)(N)  25.0

Warm Chocolate Brownie with
a scoop of Matcha Ice Cream

Lemon Tart 16.0

Signature Lemon Tart served with Chantilly cream

Singapore Coffee Waffles 18.0

Freshly made to order.

Served with Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and drizzled with Espresso Gula Melaka

Banana, Date & Walnut (N) 18.0

A slice of Banana Walnut cake
warm with Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, topped with
Almond Croustillant and a drizzle of
Dark Chocolate sauce

Yuzu Mango

A refreshing treat of Yuzu & Mango, served with Chantilly cream

Matcha Kaya Roll 13.0

Matcha Kaya Roll served with Chantilly cream 

Strawberries & Cream Tart 18.0

Fresh Strawberries & Home-made Strawberry Jam on a bed of whipped Mascarpone & shortcut pastry,
served with Chantilly cream


Buttermilk Scones 8.0

Freshly baked scones daily.
Choice of the following:
Sea Salt served with Clotted Cream and Home-made Strawberry Jam
Blueberry served with Lemon Curd 

Croissants 5.0

Choice of:
Kaya, Chocolate or Plain

Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies 5.0

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Affogato 14.0

Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream served with a shot of freshly brewed Espresso


Matchagato 16.0

Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream served with a shot of freshly whisked Matcha

Ice Cream Sandwich 20.0

Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream sandwiched between
Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Chip Cookies


Ice Cream Cookie 18.0

Signature Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie topped with your choice of Ice Cream, freshly whipped cream, a drizzle of Gula Melaka Caramel and shaved artisanal Chocolate

Ice Cream Cup 8.0

(Cone, takeaway only)

One scoop of your choice of Ice Cream

(Triple Vanilla Bean, Matcha & Dark Chocolate)

(+$5 per extra scoop of Ice Cream)

Singapore Favourites
Lunch Special

A choice of
Singapore Favourites


Your choice of
Singapore Coffee

Signature Kopi / Teh Tarik

Served Hot or Iced

Available from Monday to Friday
11 am to 2.30 pm

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  Prices are exclusive of GST and subjected to service charge.

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We are open for takeaways. Grab a coffee to go!
Monday to Friday, from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm.