Singapore Coffee brings to you it's "Grand Asia Collection."
The highest quality coffee beans sourced from Asia's finest coffee gardens and plantations, freshly roasted!

Grand Asia Collection
Price per 200g box $25 | 1Kg bag $100


100% Arabica Whole Beans. Freshly Grounded upon request

Blend No 01

Dark Chocolate, Mandarin Orange, Well-balanced

Our Signature Blend that has it all. Blend No.1 is the perfect choice for coffee lovers around.

Jewel of Asia

Spiced Oak, Roasted Citrus, Cacao Dusted Almonds

Experience the majestic splendours of Asia! Jewel of Asia is an exquisite and well-balanced blend for a pleasurable cup.

Gentle Conqueror

Dark Chocolate, Bold, Oak-Roasted Cacao

Nothing like Gentle Conqueror for good, strong and bold cup of coffee to commence your day.

Red Monkey

Summer Cherries, Red Dates, Fruit Chocolate

Taste the wine... oops, coffee! Red Monkey brews for a memorable cup of coffee with delightful fruity notes.

MerLion Dance

Oriental Flowers, Mandarin Peel, Roasted Nuts

Treat yourself to a surprise from your usual blend! MerLion Dance refreshes your palette with its burst of Asian flavours.

My Fair Lady

Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Tea-Like

A delicate blend of choice for a lovely afternoon. Enjoy the alluring floral aroma and fruity notes from My Fair Lady.

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