Buttermilk Scones 8.0

Freshly baked scones daily.
Choice of the following:
Sea Salt served with Clotted Cream and Home-made Strawberry Jam
Blueberry served with Lemon Curd 

Croissants 5.0

Choice of:
Kaya, Chocolate or Plain

Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies 5.0

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Satay (N) 27.0

Grilled Chicken or Spiced Marinated Lamb


Tangy Peanut Sauce (N) | SteamedRice Cake | Cucumber | Red Onion

Rice Congee (GF)(N) 15.0

(Select one)

Chicken | Fish | Pork (P)


Spring Onion | Crispy ShallotsFermented Bean | Braised Peanuts (N) | Shredded Ginger

Hainanese Chicken Rice (GF) 25.0

Poached Chicken | Ginger Rice |

Chicken Broth | Condiments

Hokkien Mee (P) 25.0

Braised Rice Noodles | Egg | Tiger Prawns | Squid | Bean Sprouts | Chives

Singapore Laksa (GF) 25.0

Rice Vermicelli | Tiger Prawns | Fish Cakes | Bean Curd | Bean Sprouts | Coconut Gravy

Wonton Noodles 22.0


Pork Dumplings or

Prawn Dumplings (+2.0)


Egg Noodles | Vegetables | Green Chilli Soy Sauce | Spring Onion

Nasi Goreng (GF)(N) 25.0

Fried Rice | Egg | Chicken

Tiger Prawns | Satay | Prawn Crackers

Mee Goreng 25.0

Wok-fried Yellow Noodles

Tiger Prawns | Chicken | Egg | Vegetables | Potato | Tomato | Chilli | Lime

Garlic Fried Rice 22.0

Egg | Spring Onion | Vegetables

(Select one)

Pork (P) | Chicken |

Shrimp (+2.0)


Green Chilli | Sambal Chilli  

Singapore Fried Noodles (GF) 25.0

Thin Rice Vermicelli | Cabbage | CarrotBean Sprouts | Egg


Sambal Chilli | Lime

Selection of

Barbeque Pork (P) | Chicken |

Shrimp (+2.0)

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Ice Cream
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Salads & Rice Bowls

Lobster Caesar Salad 49.0

Half Lobster | Romaine Lettuce | Bacon Bits (P) | Croutons | Egg | Classic Caesar Dressing

Niçoise Salad (GF) 36.0

Bell Pepper | Egg | Kalamata Olives | Kenya Bean Ratte Potato | Tomato Seared Yellowfin Tuna 

Tomato & Burratina (V) 33.0

Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Grissini | Tapenade

Salmon Bowl (GF) 39.0

Avocado | Bean Sprout | Goat Cheese Marinated Salmon | Rice | Vinegar

Burger & Sandwiches

(Accompanied with Green Salad & French Fries)

A. L. T. Wrap (V) 28.0

Avocado Hash | Chipotle Sauce | Lettuce | Tomato | Tortilla

Gourmet Ham & Cheese (P) 28.0 

Bone-in-Ham | Emmental Cheese

Raffles Club 32.0

Chicken | Tomato | Lettuce | Bacon (P)

Mayonnaise | White Bread

Croque Madame 32.0

Fried Egg | Mornay Sauce | Parmesan Cheese | Roasted Chicken Breast


Raffles Lobster Roll 42.0

Cucumber | Light Curry Mayonnaise

Lobster | Mizuna


Raffles Burger 42.0

Beef Patty | Lettuce | Onion | Tomato | Gherkin | Mayonnaise | Cheddar Cheese | Bacon (P) | Egg


Create Your Own Pasta! 38.0

(Select one from each category below)


Spaghetti | Pappardelle |

Paccheri | Gluten-free Penne


Arrabiatta | Bolognese | Carbonara |

Pesto & Pine Nut | Tuna & Olive


Emmental | Parmesan

Tri-Colour Sundae 35.0

Triple Vanilla Bean, Matcha & Dark Chocolate Ice Cream drenched in warm Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Fudge Sauce, topped with freshly whipped cream, cacao nibs & freshly shaved dark chocolate… perfect for sharing or an indulgence for one!

Kopi Toffee Sundae 28.0

Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream drenched in Kopi Toffee & warm Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Fudge, topped with freshly whipped cream, cacao nibs & freshly shaved dark chocolate

Affogato Royale 25.0

Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream drenched in Gula Melaka Caramel, topped with freshly whipped cream and finished with 2 shots of freshly brewed Espresso 

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(GF) Gluten Free | (N) Nuts | (P) Pork | (V) Vegetarian

Caesar Salad 24.0

(add Chicken +6.0)

Romaine Lettuce | Bacon Bits (P) | Croutons | Egg | Classic Caesar Dressing

Tuna Tataki Bowl (GF) 33.0

Cherry Tomato | Nori | Radish | Rice | Sesame | Yellowfin Tuna Tataki

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Melted Chocolate 28.0

Melted Chocolate Cake topped with Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.
Served with a pouring of English Single Cream and a freshly brewed shot of espresso… A must try!

Lemon Tart 16.0

Signature Lemon Tart served with Chantilly cream

Yuzu Mango Cheesecake  18.0

A refreshing treat of Yuzu & Mango, served with Chantilly cream

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Affogato 14.0

Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream served with a shot of freshly brewed Espresso


Matchagato 16.0

Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream served with a shot of freshly whisked Matcha

Ice Cream Sandwich 20.0

Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream sandwiched between
Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Chip Cookies


Ice Cream Cookie 18.0

Signature Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie topped with your choice of Ice Cream, freshly whipped cream, a drizzle of Gula Melaka Caramel and shaved artisanal Chocolate

Ice Cream Cup 8.0

One scoop of your choice of Ice Cream

(Triple Vanilla Bean, Matcha & Dark Chocolate)

(+$5 per extra scoop of Ice Cream)

Singapore Favourites
Lunch Special

A choice of
Singapore Favourites


Your choice of
Singapore Coffee

Signature Kopi / Teh Tarik

Served Hot or Iced

Available from Monday to Friday
11 am to 2.30 pm


(+$5 per extra scoop of Ice Cream)

Tiramisu Nō 01 (A) 18.0

Made with Singapore Coffee’s

Blend Nō 01...  A must try!

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Selection of:
Matcha Chocolate


Selection of:


(A) Alcohol | (GF) Gluten Free | (N) Nuts

All our pastries contain wheat, eggs, dairy and traces of nuts

Pandan Kaya

Pandan Kaya Coconut Roll
drizzled with Gula Melaka &
served Triple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

68% Dark Chocolate

Single Origin Dark Chocolate Roll
served with Vanilla Chantilly &
dusted with Cacao Nibs


Uji Matcha Roll with
Matcha Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream


Blend Nō 01 Espresso Roll with Single Origin Chocolate & Freshly Roasted Cacao Nibs


Tiramisu Roll served with
Triple Bean Vanilla Ice Cream


Flourless Chocolate Cake (GF) 18.0

Served warm with Triple Vanilla Bean
Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce

Strawberries & Cream Tart 18.0

Fresh Strawberries & Home-made Strawberry Jam
on a bed of whipped Mascarpone &
shortcrust pastry, served with Chantilly cream

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  Prices are exclusive of GST and subjected to service charge.

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